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The Lost Tribes, Book One

The Lost Tribes

Ben Webster dreams of basketball championships and NBA contracts in his future. That is until his uncle offers a challenge – solve a virtual game and earn the trip of a lifetime. A spot on his final world expedition. Ben enlists the help of his sister and friends to solve the cryptic clues and obscure puzzles in time.

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Surviving Bear Island

Surviving Bear Island

Danger. Survival. The wilderness … In Paul Greci’s debut middle grade novel, a young boy goes kayaking with his father in Prince William Sound near Bear Island. When the waters turn rough and the boat overturns, Tom is left stranded and alone with only the pocket survival pack his father insisted he

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The Lost Tribes: Safe Harbor

The Lost Tribes: Safe Harbor

Ben and April Webster never knew their parents were scientists on a secret mission until they disappeared. Now, in book 2 of the series, what awaits them and their friends is a nemesis so deadly that even Uncle Henry can’t protect them. In this science-fiction, adventure novel, the search continues as the

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The Mapmaker’s Sons

Reveling in mysterious destinies and dangerous adventure, this middle-grade novel follows Thomas Hawkins, a student no different from his peers at the Lost Preparatory Academy for Boys, until a man with a wooden leg appears and Thomas must leave the life he knows or chance not reaching his next birthday, which is

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Salamaine’s Curse

In their second adventure, Thomas Hawkins and his brother Porter are faced with unraveling a dark map, one not made by their father’s hands, and they are about to find out that there is a thin line between good and evil that is not always clearly defined. Thomas is up to his

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Highlights Foundation
Highlights Foundation
Aug 3-7, 2018
Kids’ Book Revisions

Eileen Robinson, publisher of Move Books, and Harold Underdown lead this annual retreat. Gather in the morning to learn revision techniques and exercise your writing creativity. Afternoons provide time for writing, revising, individual meetings, and impromptu critique groups.

Highlights Foundation alumni, attend Unworkshop Time before, during, or after this Retreat! More info at the Highlights Foundation site.

Christine Taylor-Butler

August 16-20, 2018
World Science Fiction Convention
San Jose, CA
August 25, 2018
Leimert Park Book Festival
Los Angeles, CA
Baldwin Hills,
Crenshaw Plaza
August 30- Sept 3, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Hilton Hotel: Inman Room
September 27-30, 2018
Snake River Fandom Con
Pocatello, ID
October 5-7, 2018
Scintillation Science Fiction Convention
Montreal, Canada
Holiday Inn Centreville
October 9, 2018
River Read Children’s Literature Festival
Park University
Parkhill, MO
March 17-19, 2019
Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO
August 2019
World Science Fiction Convention
Dublin, Ireland.