Submission FAQs

My chapter doesn’t end with 25 pages, can I send more?

No. Please send the requested amount of pages.  Sending more or sending the whole manuscript, as some have done, may result in rejections.

Should I email my query? 

Unless you are an agent, please send your query by mail.

Should I put my name, address, and phone number as a header on each page?

No. If it makes you feel comfortable you can put your name at the top of the page with ample space between it and the text.  And of course don’t forget to number your pages.

Do I have to send a self-addressed stamped envelope?

Yes.  If you would like your manuscript or any portion of it returned, or just a response, please make available an SASE.  If you do not, you will not receive a response.

What if I’m not sure you received my manuscript?

In order to make sure your manuscript is received, ask for a delivery confirmation.  This is 70 cents through the post office.  Our slush pile is high and we do not have time to go through it and confirm receipt of your manuscript.

Authors and Illustrators

Queries and Manuscripts

Move Books is now considering queries or manuscripts for the Middle-Grade audience, ages 8-12.  We are open to all genres however we are only accepting Middle-Grade novels.

All manuscript submissions must be boy-centered stories or topics. We would love to entertain series but your story must be able to stand on its own.

Move Books is also considering illustrators.  Please see details below.  There are general submissions and a current call (which means we are looking for something specific now, and there is a deadline).

Manuscript Format and Submission

BoyAll manuscripts should be in standard manuscript format, double-spaced and printed on one side of the page only.  Please keep a copy of your manuscript and include your name, address, email address, and or phone number on your manuscript.

If you would like a response or would like your manuscript returned,  please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage.   Otherwise, your manuscript will not be returned.

Please send one manuscript at a time.  Every effort will be made to respond within three to seven months time, depending on the volume. If you have not received a response in seven months, although there is a possibility you may still hear from us if there is a backlog, you can assume your manuscript has been rejected.
Please, no phone calls from authors.

Please mail a query, plus synopsis and the first 25 pages of your completed novel to:

Move Books
P.O. Box 183
Beacon Falls, CT 06403

Do not email manuscripts.  All novels must be complete in the event you receive a request for the entire manuscript.  Queries or submissions for incomplete, unfinished manuscripts will not be accepted at this time.

We will not be responsible for manuscripts lost in the mail. If you are a writer and have a quick question that is not addressed here, you can email  Agents and press, please see contact information page.

Note: F1rst Pages and Move Books are separate companies.  Manuscripts submitted to F1rst Pages are not privileged in any way.

Children’s Book Illustrators – General Submissions

boy-standingMove Books is accepting ongoing submissions from illustrators.  We are looking for artists who can do spot art well, comic strip kind of art and also covers.  We will be taking a close look at how well you illustrate objects and scenes rather than specific characters.  You can submit to

Note: Please email the link to your page or you can email no more than 3 jpegs or pdfs, at least 500 pixels wide.  If you send more than the requested attachments, we will not consider your work.  We will let you know we received your artwork.  But please, no phone calls or follow-up emails.  We will contact you if we are interested.  Please also include a contact number where you can be reached.

You can also mail two or three samples of your artwork if you prefer. These will not be returned.

Current Call

Sometimes we will be looking for artists with specific skills. So please check back frequently. Thank you.