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We are proud to announce that because of your support, the vote you cast for the Chase Mission Main Street Grant Competition put us over the top with 271 votes and counting. We are now in the running to receive one of the $150,000 grants given to 20 small businesses to help them grow and expand. Winners will be notified in January 2015 and we will be sure to let you know the results. Thank you so much for getting us this far.

I am overwhelmed by the response and for once…can’t find the words. I thank you.

Sincerely, Eileen Robinson, Publisher

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The Lost Tribes by C. Taylor-Butler (available March 2015)

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We’ve got a teaser here for you…just something to whet your appetite. Let’s see if the trailer will seep into your bones like it did ours!

It’s been quite a long haul for this book, having begun its life in 2001. The author has a penchant for science and a love for showing kids how things work.  Picking up ideas from her travels, one being an exhibit of King Tuts tomb at the World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada, the fascination with the idea that the pyramids held secrets became real.  Much of this and more creeps into the novel of course and the result is a combination of science-fiction, fantasy and adventure, but also real objects and locations that kids can draw from right here on Earth and that historians are still are in awe of today!

As someone who was never been drawn to science, much less science-fiction, I find that changing as I discover new writers that make me want to revisit old ones  And we found ourselves racing around the world with these 5 kids as they searched for clues under an impossible deadline only to discover the real mystery lay closer to home …

Besides a great story, the author’s character study impressed us the most but we won’t give it all away here.  But have you ever known a mother whose green thumb borders on the abnormal, or a cat who acts more like a ferocious predator than a domestic feline?

The Lost Tribes – Available in bookstores March 2015



Move Books is in the running for a small business grant sponsored by Chase. With this grant we can expand the number of titles we’re offering and reach a wider number of readers. We can also start developing classroom materials to help readers stay engaged long after they’ve read our books.

We’re excited!

You can help by voting for us at the Mission Main Street Grants site. Only one vote per person. And a quick note – although the competition asks you to log into Facebook – it doesn’t store your information. It just uses the public ID to make sure no one votes twice.

Let’s work together to get boys reading for pleasure. Vote for Move Books today!

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Tom is kayaking with his father in Prince William Sound near Bear Island. When the waters turn rough and the boat overturns, Tom is stranded and alone with a pocket survival pack his father insisted he carry. But is it enough? Will he survive on the desolate island where his only company are bears, other wild animals and the harsh terrain? His dad would know what to do, but is Tom savvy enough to survive?

Surviving Bear Island is a debut middle grade novel by Paul Greci.
Available in stores March 2015


Happy Friday Everyone!

Not that we’re rushing 2014…but we are awfully excited about two new books from two very talented authors debuting in Spring 2015! In addition to The Mapmaker’s Sons, we welcome Paul Greci, Surviving Bear Island, a middle-grade adventure novel that will engage readers in a fight for survival, and C. Taylor-Butler’s The Lost Tribes, a middle-grade/YA science-fiction/adventure novel that will challenge readers with puzzles and codes and a cast of characters who are about to unveil unfathomable secrets.

So stick around, so you can be the first to see what’s happening, as we unveil more (like the covers) throughout the coming season.  We now have Facebook (Like Us!) and Twitter icons here so you can easily link to us on whichever is your fancy.  We’d love to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!


We’re official. We’ve caught the attention of MTV Geek. Here’s an excerpt:

‘Move Books’ Want To Get Boys Excited About Reading with ‘Mapmaker’s Sons’
by Danica Davidson, October 26, 2012

Having worked for the publishing companies Scholastic and Harcourt, Eileen Robinson knows her way around the publishing world, but she was dismayed by a lack of books aimed at boys. This led her to create Move Books a publishing house dedicated to delivering topnotch MG fiction aimed to get boys excited about reading (though the books will entertain female and older readers as well). Move Books’ first title, a fantasy called “The Mapmaker’s Sons”, is being released October 26 and promises prophecies, pirates and a map that comes alive. Robinson and V.L. Burgess, the author of “The Mapmaker’s Sons”, spoke to MTV Geek more about their endeavor, what sort of fantasy we can expect, and if Move Books will have similar titles down the line.

Read the full article and interview by Danica Davidson here:

MTV Geek talks to Move Books

Move Books Wants to Get Boys Excited about Reading With Mapmaker’s Sons.
MTV Geek, 10/26/12

View MTV Review

Kirkus Reviews, 9/1/2012
Thirteen-year-old Tom Hawkins must find the most powerful weapon ever created and save the world.
When a pirate with a wooden peg leg arrives at Thomas’ school one stormy night, he delivers a mysterious map, a guide to the “Beyond” and the way to find the Sword of Five Kingdoms, which has been missing for 1,000 years. When its hilt has been reunited with five special stones, the rightful bearer of the sword can put an end to the reign of the evil ruler Keegan. Umbrey the pirate leads Tom through a window to a new world, where Tom meets up with a twin brother he never knew he had and with Mudge and Willa. Together they form a band of travelers on a quest to find the sword, with many a sword fight, swamp dog and dragon along the way. Freely borrowing from Treasure Island, Arthurian tales, The Lord of the Rings and other classic adventure and fantasy tales, Burgess reworks common themes of old maps, powerful wizards, evil rulers, dragons, a hidden sword and a boy king to fashion the first offering from a publisher out to create works that will appeal especially to boys.

Fantasy-loving boys (and girls) will be enthralled by this slim, action-packed tale—and the sequels likely to follow. (Fantasy. 9-13)

More information…

For Boys Only: Move Books to Debut in Fall 2012
By Sally Lodge |
Oct 20, 2011

“Moving Boys to Read” is the slogan publisher Eileen Robinson has chosen for her new company, Move Books, which is slated to launch in fall 2012. Based in Beacon Falls, Conn., the house will focus on middle-grade fiction for boys, and the program may eventually expand to include picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction.

“Everything I’ve done has led up to Move Books,” says Robinson, who has been in publishing for 15 years most recently as executive editor of Children’s Press at Scholastic, until she left the company in 2005. During her time there, Robinson was involved in educational, school, and library publishing, and, she explains, “I had the opportunity to work with and learn from those in trade publishing, as well as those with Scholastic’s book fairs, book clubs, and magazines.” …

. . .Robinson, who talked to numerous teachers, librarians, booksellers, and media and reading specialists in preparation for launching Move Books, is gratified by the positive feedback and support she has received. “It’s been quite overwhelming,” she says. “I’ve heard from so many people that the great need for fiction for middle-grade boys is currently not being addressed on a large scale. Teachers and librarians have told me that the middle-grade years for boys is where they make a real transition into a love of reading, but boys need the right books to make that transition. So many people have thanked me for starting this company.”
Read the full article by Publisher’s Weekly here:

Move Books interview on Publishers Weekly)