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Paul Greci

Paul Greci has lived and worked in Alaska for over twenty-five years as a field biology technician in remote wilderness areas, a teacher and backpacking trip leader for teens, and a naturalist for several outdoor education programs. His middle grade adventure novel, Surviving Bear Island, was a Junior Library Guild Selection and a Scholastic Reading Club Pick. His young adult novel, The Wild Lands is a pulse-pounding YA thriller full of shocking plot twists. It’s the ultimate survival tale of humanity’s fight against society’s collapse.

“When I taught teens at a school for at-risk students, we had a summer program and one summer a good friend of mine and myself spent several weeks building a canoe out of natural materials with my students. We cut the trees down and used hand tools to make the canoe. Later we used the canoe on school outings to paddle on lakes and rivers. That canoe is the canoe that Tom paddles in Follow the River. The canoe inspired the story as much as the place the story is set.” —Paul Greci
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Above: Paul Greci and his students worked with a canoe expert to build a canoe that eventually traveled the waters of Alaska. A canoe like this can endure at least a month long travel.

Paul’s Books

Follow the River
Follow the River
Surviving Bear Island
Surviving Bear Island

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