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Tribes Author Talks “Secrets”

Christine Taylor-Butler’s interview with Fast Forward’s Mike Zipser is now available. We hear Taylor-Butler talk of the secrets in the first book and how the characters’ parents lied by omission, keeping important information from them. Despite being in the dark about their heritage, “the main characters are so much fun” according to Zipser. He says

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Three boys love to read
Books for Boys

Let’s Get Boys Reading – at Book Expo

Join Move Books in the Librarians’ Lounge (booth 557 at BEA) on Thursday, May 30, from 9:00-9:30 a.m. Move Books is proud to be at Book Expo America this year to show how to hook boys on reading! Stop in for a light breakfast hosted by us, in collaboration with Publisher’s Weekly. Grab a swag

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How to Create an Awesome Reading Corner in the Home or Classroom

You know what all kids need? Other than more time spent reading? A little space of their own. The idea isn’t new, but it makes us think of the book “A Little House of Your Own” by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers. It’s a picture book that tells children it’s alright to want or even need time

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7 Strategies to Increase Reading Comprehension

We’ve all been there: The bottom of the page comes along…and we realize we’ve got no recollection or understanding of what we’ve just read on the rest of the page! This happens when our reading comprehension is…well, lacking. Even for adults, maintaining a solid and consistent level of reading comprehension is crucial. When it comes

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6 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence About Their Reading Skills

You can surround a child with awesome books, but you can’t make them read. What you can do is slowly and gently encourage their reading skills.  An early start in reading improves your child’s academic success over the course of their school career. So how will you build confidence in their reading skills? Start by picking out

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Six Reading Games You Can Play With Your Students to Make Reading More Fun

32 million adults living in the U.S. can’t read. And that’s not just a troubling fact on its own. Studies show that literacy rates are directly connected to violence and crime. 85% of all juveniles who interact with the juvenile court system are illiterate. Not only is literacy important for academics, but it is also essential to keeping

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The Importance of Reading Aloud to Students of All Ages

Research shows that reading out loud improves your memory. Have you been having a hard time remembering what you’re reading? It turns out that reading aloud has many benefits! Students recognize letters and build their learning foundation. Want to learn more? Keep reading! Reading Aloud to Students Did you know that reading aloud to students is

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Top 10 Kid-Friendly Book Discussion Prompts

Running a classroom is no easy task. You must make sure everyone is as engaged as possible, make lesson plans, and much more! When it comes to reading, you want your students to enjoy the book and understand it the best they can. To do so, you need to lead an interesting discussion. Questions should be

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8 Creative Ways to Make Classroom Reading More Fun for Students

You know that reading is good for you, and as a teacher, you want your students to be excited about books. Trouble is, your students just aren’t that hyped about classroom reading. Maybe they’re ESL students, learning English as a second language. Maybe they’re just convinced they don’t like to read. Either way, you’ve got your

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