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7 Effective Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

38% of the United States 4th grade population ranks as “below basic” when it comes to their reading skills. That trend is getting worse given that fewer kids are picking up books due to the increased prevalence of digital devices and video games. If you’re a parent who is noticing your child pacing behind in reading, it

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children's books

10 Economical Ways For Teachers to Stock Their Classroom Library

With 94% of teachers paying for classroom supplies with their own money, stocking a classroom can be difficult. This is especially true when you’re trying to stock children’s books, which can often cost anywhere from $10 to $20 a piece! How does a well-intentioned teacher stock their classroom library for cheap or free and motivate their students

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How to Write Books for Teens Without Sounding like a Grown Up

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: millions of copies sold. The Twilight Saga: millions of copies sold. Divergent: millions of copies sold. If the above teen-focused book franchises are of any indication, there is no shortage of demand when it comes to the writing for teens niche. That reality has led many authors to try and crack the teen

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7 Amazing Tips for Writing a Book Kids Love

Lots of people shrug and claim–“Oh, I’ll just write a children’s book for a little extra cash!” Sounds like a good plan, huh? Well, not so fast. The truth is, writing a good children’s book that gets published–let alone one that makes a positive impact on its young audience–is a really tough thing to do! Children

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Science Fiction books

Why Preteens Should Be Encouraged to Read More Fantasy and Sci-Fi

At a young age, children are at their most important age for knowledge and change. Traditional norms require children to spend all day in a classroom and go home to strict parenting and piles of homework. But in 1997, J.K. Rowling re-introduced a generation of children to the wonders of literature. Harry Potter and the

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books for boys

Books for Boys: 9 Easy Ways Parents Can Get Boys to Read

Do you have a lot of trouble getting your son to sit down to read on a regular basis? This is, unfortunately, not all that surprising, as many studies have revealed that young girls tend to spend more time reading than their male counterparts. As a result, girls typically score higher than boys on reading tests and

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LA Times Book Festival 2017

Our booth at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on April 22nd and 23rd was filled with readers and fans who came to meet author Christine Taylor Butler and the crew in Booth 715. If you missed this opportunity, stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you next time! In the meanwhile, you can order

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