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The Lost Tribes by C. Taylor-Butler (available March 2015)

We’ve got a teaser here for you…just something to whet your appetite. Let’s see if the trailer will seep into your bones like it did ours! It’s been quite a long haul for this book, having begun its life in 2001. The author has a penchant for science and a love for showing kids how things

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The Chase “Mission Mainstreet” Grant

Move Books is in the running for a small business grant sponsored by Chase. With this grant we can expand the number of titles we’re offering and reach a wider number of readers. We can also start developing classroom materials to help readers stay engaged long after they’ve read our books. We’re excited! You can

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Surviving Bear Island by Paul Greci (available March 2015)

Tom is kayaking with his father in Prince William Sound near Bear Island. When the waters turn rough and the boat overturns, Tom is stranded and alone with a pocket survival pack his father insisted he carry. But is it enough? Will he survive on the desolate island where his only company are bears, other

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Move Books Announced on Publisher’s Weekly

For Boys Only: Move Books to Debut in Fall 2012 By Sally Lodge | Oct 20, 2011 (excerpt): “Moving Boys to Read” is the slogan publisher Eileen Robinson has chosen for her new company, Move Books, which is slated to launch in fall 2012. Based in Beacon Falls, Conn., the house will focus on middle-grade

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