The Lost Tribes (Book 2) - Safe Harbor

The Lost Tribes: Safe Harbor

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Christine Taylor-Butler

November 16, 2018
Book 1 in the “The Lost Tribes” series
978-1-73-221370-8, 336 pp
Age Range: 10 – 12 years
Grade Level: 5 – 8

Ben and April Webster never knew their parents were scientists on a secret mission until they disappeared. Now, in book 2 of the series, what awaits them and their friends is a nemesis so deadly that even Uncle Henry can’t protect them. In this science-fiction, adventure novel, the search continues as the group travels from the lost world of Atlantis, to outer space, to an IMAX theater in the Smithsonian. The bond of the diverse friendship is tested against many obstacles as the kids continue to fight to save a universe they are only just discovering. The story is embedded with science, history, sports, mystery, ethics, and culture. Plus there are location codes included that go to real places around the world.


“…The kids have discovered their parents’ secret: they only look human—they’re actually ETs. Setting a rollicking pace, the book takes them to the Bermuda Triangle and undersea Atlantis before delivering them to the secret underground space station, Safe Harbor.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A world where nothing is as it seems—a story that filled my head with wonder, when it wasn’t busy showing me something new about Earth’s diverse environments, cultures, and ways of life.” 
—Chris Tebbetts, author, Viking Pride

“Taylor-Butler cleverly weaves fascinating, futuristic technologies into modern references. This story defies its own sci-fi genre . . . it speaks of friendship that transcends race (human and all alien sorts.)” 
—Nora Raleigh Baskin, author, Anything but Typical

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