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Move Books is offering the perfect opportunity to buy books in bulk for teachers. We welcome all educators looking to add books to your school library and classroom libraries. We specialize in offering novels intended for boys. Curriculum Specialists, classroom teachers, and Media Specialists will find buying books in bulk an economical and rewarding opportunity. Our stories give boys the opportunity to explore plots that active middle-schoolers can related to and will encourage them to become avid readers. Our books, purchased in lots, are a great addition to classroom whole-group instruction and small literacy circles. Our range of titles are also ideal for extracurricular book clubs.

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Our stories are chosen to address the unique needs of a middle-schooler. The middle-school boy is often searching to find their identify and test their growing independence. Move Books offers an enjoyable connection between the social and emotional needs of your students to your curriculum. We are driven to introduce your students to dynamic protagonists dealing with internal and external conflicts.

As an educator, acknowledging the life-strategies that characters are using can be a valuable teaching tool. We address important themes as the characters demonstrate how triumph changes them for the better. We have a wide range of genres that will appeal to many interests. This is in direct alignment with schools’ overwhelming requirement to connect quality literature to your students’ social and emotion needs. Teachers and educators can purchase books here with confidence, knowing that they are investing in their students’ academic success and cultivating a meaningful love of recreational reading.