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How to Create an Awesome Reading Corner in the Home or Classroom

You know what all kids need? Other than more time spent reading?

A little space of their own. The idea isn’t new, but it makes us think of the book “A Little House of Your Own” by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers.

It’s a picture book that tells children it’s alright to want or even need time alone. Creating a reading corner for your little one could be exactly that space for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a classroom or a home, you can create a peaceful reading corner. Learn how below.

Creating a Reading Corner

First, there’s something secure about corners. No, your reading nook doesn’t have to be in one, but it’s better if it is. If there are no corners available, create the illusion of one with high-backed chairs or a bookshelf.

You know what’s full of corners? Closets, which coincidentally is our first suggestion, learn more below.

Your Closet Reading Nook

Do you have an extra closet in your home you can turn into a reading sanctuary? It doesn’t need to be a walk in one, even the smallest closets can usually fit a kid-sized chair.

Or, throw a nap pad on the floor with a few throw pillows. Turn the walls of the closet into a library with bookshelves and wire in a reading light.

Take off the classic closet doors and hang a semi-sheer curtain in the doorway. It’ll give your kids a little privacy, but not enough to make you nervous.

The first couple times you use the new reading nook, let your child have a special treat, like a piece of candy, while you read together. You want them to associate the new space with positive emotions.

Kid-Sized TeePee

Have you seen those super cute play tents they’re making for kids now, in the shape of a teepee? They’re adorable and the perfect size for a reading nook.

If you work from home and have kids who need to be near you, they’re perfect for the corner of your office.

You can sew them yourself or buy them pre-made. If you were good with a sewing machine, you could sew pockets into the inside fabric to hold books.

One word of advice – make sure the supports are well…supported. Those wood poles can slide around and we wouldn’t want the reading nook to collapse. Look for a tent that has bottom poles that run across the floor to prevent this.

If you’re a teacher and you have the room – you could cut out the side of two teepees and set them up next to each other, making a little tent city.

If you’re crafty or you have the option to shop more expensive options you can get super creative with the tent. Mini yurt? Castle? Whatever floats that fictional boat.

Crib Repurpose

You spent a lot of money on that crib for your child(ren) and now it sits unused. What should you do with it?

Well, you could flip it upside down and remove the front railing. Secure it to the wall (so it doesn’t fall) and measure out padding for underneath. Then give it a cute little curtain and use the top like a book display.

Throw some pillows underneath it and hang a clip-on LED lamp nearby to provide the light. Now you have an almost free reading nook for your kid(s).

Let Them Choose

The easiest option of all is to take your child with you to the store or consignment shop and let them pick out a piece of furniture. This is now their special reading chair or bench.

Since they picked it, they’ll be more excited about sitting in it and using it.

You can lead a non-reader to read by making reading feel special!

The Best Books for Your Nook

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration for your reading corner, it needs books! If you have a good amount, try rotating them out every month or so, to keep the options exciting.

You can always check out these great books for boys – they’re kid approved.