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LA Times Book Festival 2017

Our booth at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on April 22nd and 23rd was filled with readers and fans who came to meet author Christine Taylor Butler and the crew in Booth 715. If you missed this opportunity, stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you next time!

In the meanwhile, you can order the books online at or Barnes & Noble.

Booth 715 Saturday morning
Our booth was ready for visitors early on Saturday morning.
It didn’t look that way a few hours earlier.
Here’s Booth 715, next to our neighbors, HarperCollins.
Christine Taylor Butler
We were honored to have author Christine Taylor Butler in our booth … and she was delighted to talk with so many fans of her books!
It takes time to select just the right book.
Christine Taylor Butler (left) enjoyed talking with Angie Thomas (right) in the HarperCollins booth, about her first book, The Hate U Give.
A big thanks to everyone in the Move Books booth!
From left to right: Destiny, Justine, Olivia, and author Christine Taylor Butler.
You made it fun to talk about books on a beautiful April weekend in Los Angeles!