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Why Preteens Should Be Encouraged to Read More Fantasy and Sci-Fi

At a young age, children are at their most important age for knowledge and change. Traditional norms require children to spend all day in a classroom and go home to strict parenting and piles of homework.

But in 1997, J.K. Rowling re-introduced a generation of children to the wonders of literature.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (or Philosopher’s Stone, for international customers) sold more than 68,000 copies when released.

Why did Harry Potter excel over other children’s books? Children indulge in fantasy, science fiction, and other-worldly elements.

Whether your children love fantasy or science fiction books, all children and preteens should be urged to read fiction. Here are the benefits.

Introduces New Ideas and Promotes Learning

Sure, fantasy and science fiction writers don’t follow an academic curriculum. But one of the best ways for preteens to learn and form new ideas is by reading fiction.

When reading, preteens become attached to characters and their stories. They may not learn math equations, but they learn important life lessons.

These include problem-solving, overcoming conflicts, learning respect, and appreciating the people in their lives.

Because these stories are in a fictional setting, preteens have the opportunity to open their minds.

When they grow older, they develop a broad intellect and want to understand every facet of the world. Reading fantasy helps children become open-minded and intelligent adults.

Reduces Stress

Even though your preteens aren’t paying bills yet, they endure their own set of stress. Bullying, cliques, and difficult classes are a lot of stress for teens to carry.

When your child comes home, it’s important that they have a stress release. Reading science fiction and fantasy is a great way for your child to relieve the stress they endured throughout the day.

These genres take your child to a far away world. In this world, peer and school pressures don’t exist. They can escape this world and live in their own fantasy world.

A major myth is reading will tire a child’s mind further. This is why most parents give their children smartphones and tablets to play games.

When a child reads fiction, their minds are at ease rather than overworked. They’re reading for fun and not academic purposes.

Improves Their Sleep

Sure, we’ve all been the kids who hid under our blanket, reading a book with a flashlight. But did you notice your eyes grew tired as you read?

Even as an adult, you find yourself picking up a book rather than binge-watching Netflix before you sleep. That’s because reading helps you sleep.

Reading is a calming activity. You’re relaxed, your body is at ease, and your mind and eyes are taking in the story. Eventually, your mind and eyes will grow tired.

Preteens have a lot of energy and typically have trouble falling asleep. Bedtime reading is the perfect activity to promote relaxation and sleep.

Improves Their Relationships and Friendships

Sure, similar interests in books help your preteen connect with other readers. But reading fiction helps your preteen develop empathy.

Science fiction and fantasy introduce complex characters, who have their own amazing traits but can also make bad decisions. This helps your preteen empathize with their characters, no matter how annoying they can get!

Relationships and friendships are challenging. Everyone has their unique personality traits. We as humans also have complex emotions.

It’s easy to connect with others but also clash with others.

Your preteen will take these empathetic skills to their real-life relationships and friendships.

They will already have understanding and respect, but also patience and can offer a shoulder to cry on. Overall, your preteen will learn how to accept others for their good and bad sides.

Strengthens Their Mind

It’s no wonder why reading makes you smarter. You’re constantly using your brain, you’re opening up your mind, you’re learning new vocabulary and your writing skills improve.

Reading strengthens the mind for a preteen. But their love of reading will carry throughout the years.

As they read while getting older, their mind will continue to strengthen. This will reduce their chance of getting Alzheimer’s and other types of mental degeneration.

They Will Open Their Minds

This point was previously mentioned, but it’s important to emphasize it. When reading fantasy and science fiction, you’re opening up your mind to another world. You’re gaining insight into their characters, their lives, and their problems.

Understanding other worlds and other characters develop an open mind about the world. You’ll grow more understanding of different cultures, views, and opinions.

No parent wants to raise a close-minded child. A preteen who reads is one who will grow up to be a well-rounded person.

They Improve Their Vocabulary

This point was also mentioned previously. But not surprisingly, it’s important to emphasize.

Preteens learn advanced vocabulary. But what’s the difference between vocabulary lessons in school and learning new words through science fiction and fantasy books?

When your child studies vocabulary in school, they endure rigorous studying and exams. This makes the vocabulary process boring and stressful. But when your preteen reads fiction, the vocabulary lessons become fun and natural.

Increases Creativity

A world without creativity is a world no one wants to live in. Without creativity, we wouldn’t have art, film, music, and of course — books!

Reading as preteens helps entice creativity. Genres such as science fiction and fantasy break down the barriers of reality, resulting in an ever-expanding mind.

Whether your preteen uses their creativity toward their career or creates art of their own, reading fiction is the catalyst of a creative mind.

Time to Read Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

Kids are always told to read. But you should introduce your preteen to fantasy and science fiction books.

Reading helps develop a strong mind, excellent vocabulary skills, and real-world skills. But these genres entice creativity and an open mind.

Who knew Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and a couple of dragons could be so beneficial for your child?

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