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Salamaine’s Curse

In their second adventure, Thomas Hawkins and his brother Porter are faced with unraveling a dark map, one not made by their father’s hands, and they are about to find out that there is a thin line between good and evil that is not always clearly defined. Thomas is up to his old pranks again at the Lost Academy when he is whisked back to the Beyond, engaging in a wild adventure with Umbrey, Porter, Mudge, and Willa to save Aquat and the Five Kingdoms from Salamaine’s Curse. Facing scavengers, undertoads, impenetrable ships, and the evil Keegan, will the Sword of Five Kingdoms and Thomas’s skill to make maps come alive save them this time, or will they run out of time? This fantasy thrill ride for boys (and girls!) shows how relationships can grow strong despite differences and how nothing is accomplished alone, especially when on a quest to save the world! This book is out-of-print.

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This thrilling fantasy adventure follows the story of Thomas Hawkins and his brother Porter as they fight scavengers, battle ships, and confront the evil ruler of a powerful kingdom. This book is out-of-print.

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