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The Lost Tribes

Codes. Tribal artifacts. The fate of the universe . . .

Ben Webster dreams of basketball championships and NBA contracts in his future. That is until his uncle offers a challenge –  solve a virtual game and earn the trip of a lifetime. A spot on his final world expedition. Ben enlists the help of his sister and friends to solve the cryptic clues and obscure puzzles in time. After the parents all go missing the friends realize the game is actually pointing toward a secret that’s best left unknown. Now the five friends must race against time in their search for tribal artifacts sent to Earth thousands of years ago. Artifacts which hold the fate of the universe in the balance. But unbeknownst to to the five children, they are catalysts in an ancient score that must be settled.

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Five friends race against the clock in an attempt to solve an ancient tribal puzzle and save the universe from destruction in this science fiction adventure.

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