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The Mapmaker’s Sons

Reveling in mysterious destinies and dangerous adventure, this middle-grade novel follows Thomas Hawkins, a student no different from his peers at the Lost Preparatory Academy for Boys, until a man with a wooden leg appears and Thomas must leave the life he knows or chance not reaching his next birthday, which is only days away. After years of scaling the school’s rooftops, engaging in swordplay and treasure hunts with his friends, and fighting-off blood thirsty pirates, this imaginary world suddenly becomes all too real. And as if a close encounter with a pirate isn’t enough, Thomas discovers a brother he never knew and a gift that will eventually save both their lives: he can make maps come alive. This book is out-of-print.


This middle grade novel follows the story of Thomas Hawkins, a seemingly normal boy with an amazing ability.  As Thomas fights off pirates, he learns just how powerful he is in this an epic treasure hunt. This book is out-of-print.

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