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Surviving Bear Island: Juneau Empire Review


…“Surviving Bear Island” follows in the vein of books like “Hatchet,” by Gary Paulsen, in which a young boy finds himself alone in the woods, forced to rely on only what he has with him (several times, Greci lists those things), his knowledge of what’s around him — which isn’t always firsthand — and his own wits. Greci has spent time in Prince William Sound, and it shows. He describes Tom’s gradual initiation from the comforts of civilization into stark necessity and the natural world in a way kids will be able to relate to….

“Surviving Bear Island” is an exciting book outdoors-minded boys and girls both will enjoy, and Southeast Alaskans will find a lot they can relate to. It’s fast paced enough to keep reluctant readers’ attention, but it also avoids oversimplification while communicating real-life dilemmas in understandable ways.” ~ Mary Catharine Martin, Book Reviewer for Capital City Weekly.

Juneau Empire, January 18, 2015