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The Lost Tribes by C. Taylor-Butler (available March 2015)

We’ve got a teaser here for you…just something to whet your appetite. Let’s see if the trailer will seep into your bones like it did ours!

It’s been quite a long haul for this book, having begun its life in 2001. The author has a penchant for science and a love for showing kids how things work.  Picking up ideas from her travels, one being an exhibit of King Tuts tomb at the World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada, the fascination with the idea that the pyramids held secrets became real.  Much of this and more creeps into the novel of course and the result is a combination of science-fiction, fantasy and adventure, but also real objects and locations that kids can draw from right here on Earth and that historians are still are in awe of today!

As someone who was never been drawn to science, much less science-fiction, I find that changing as I discover new writers that make me want to revisit old ones  And we found ourselves racing around the world with these 5 kids as they searched for clues under an impossible deadline only to discover the real mystery lay closer to home …

Besides a great story, the author’s character study impressed us the most but we won’t give it all away here.  But have you ever known a mother whose green thumb borders on the abnormal, or a cat who acts more like a ferocious predator than a domestic feline?

The Lost Tribes – Available in bookstores March 2015