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Tribes Author Talks “Secrets”

Christine Taylor-Butler’s interview with Fast Forward’s Mike Zipser is now available. We hear Taylor-Butler talk of the secrets in the first book and how the characters’ parents lied by omission, keeping important information from them. Despite being in the dark about their heritage, “the main characters are so much fun” according to Zipser.

He says Lost Tribes is “a wonderful series… I’ve been enjoying it and can’t wait for the third book.”

In book 3 (The Lost Tribes: Trials) Safe Harbor is now under the control of a dangerous new leader and the stakes are higher than ever. Known as a “planet killer,” Earth’s largest super volcano shows signs of erupting. Now the clock is ticking as the mission’s timeline is reduced to only months. Ben and his friends are slammed into new roles as mission specialists and forced to complete their training as warriors in weeks instead of years. Their search for solutions takes them from a secret outpost in Antarctica to a hidden tomb in China and even the dark side of the moon. As they fight to prevent the destruction of Earth, they finally understand what it means to be human. But is it too little, too late?

Watch for the cover reveal. In the meantime, pick up and read the first two science fiction adventure books for boys (and girls) so you are ready for The Lost Tribes: Trials, which is available for preorder.

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